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Chapter 25

Special Systems

Model colloidal systems exist when one variable, usually conspicuous, is made constant. These can be particles of uniform size, or particles with a uniform surface, or colloidal crystals. Other special systems are aerosols such as clouds or smokes, lubricating greases, inks for xerography, electrophoretic displays, and nanoparticles.

Key Words: CAEDMON, clouds, colloidal crystals, electrophoretic displays, emulsion polymerization, glues, gold sols, homotattic surfaces, liquid immersion development, lubricating greases, model systems, monodisperse latexes, monodisperse emulsions, metal oxides, nanoparticles, nanotechnology, quantum dots, silver-halide sols, selenium sols, self-assembly, smokes, soap films, sulfur sols, xerographic inks


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