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Scheduled Courses and Registration

Short Courses

  Dispersions in Liquids - a two-day short course
Upcoming courses:    
  ACS National Meeting Philadelphia, PA

August 19-20, 2016

  ACS Short Course Chicago, IL

September19-20, 2016

  ACS Short Course SanFrancisco, CA

November 7-8, 2016

  ACS Short Course Houston, TX

December 6-7, 2016


University Courses

  Spring 2016 Harvard University Applied Physics 226 Capillarity and Wetting
    Consider phenomena strongly influenced by surface tensions, high curvatures, thin films, diffusion, adsorption, wetting, which are variously mobile, dynamic, polymeric, transient, fragile. Emphasis on the physics, thermodynamics, rheological and scaling laws that govern bulk behavior.
Prerequisite: Knowledge of thermodynamics and basic statistical mechanics and some familiarity with phase diagrams and differential equations.

Customised Short Courses

The Dispersions in Liquids course may be scheduled for presentation in-house at a time and place convenient for your organization.

In-house courses can be specialized:      
  • The agenda can be shortened to create a 1-day course.
• Topics can be expanded for a multiple day course.
• A course can be focused on topics of interest to your organization.
Examples of specialized courses previously given:
  • Particle-based display technologies    
  • Dispersions in nanotechnologies    
  • Dispersions for biodiagnostics     
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For more information email the instructor, Ian Morrison, at :    

or Contact:
Department of Continuing Education
American Chemical Society
Phone:(800) 227 5558 x4508; (202) 872-4508


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