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Key topics
• Principles that are relevant to the formation and stability of dispersions of fine particles (suspension), dispersions of liquids (emulsions), and dispersions of gas (foams)
• Fundamental concepts and laboratory techniques to characterize the behavior of fine particles and the chemical and physical properties of interfaces.
• Experimental methods to measure particle size, dispersion stability, rheological, and electrokinetic properties.
• Factors that determine dispersibility and stability to flocculation and sedimentation.
• Methods to stabilize or destabilize fine dispersions in both aqueous and nonaqueous liquids.
• Dispersion processing, including commercial equipment.

Who should attend
Scientists and engineers engaged in research and development in the chemical, petroleum, coatings, food, electronics, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and ceramics industries.


Program Agenda
• Surfactant science and technology
• Steric stabilization
• Electrostatic stabilization
• Emulsion technology
• Foam technology
• Wetting and adhesion
• Particle sizing techniques
• Particle chare and rheology
• Processing emulsions and suspensions


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