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Submitted Questions

Answers to submitted questions will be posted to this page. Questions can be sent to: colloids@colloidaldispersions.com. (Answers are in .pdf format)
Stability of Suspensions and Emulsions
  What is the effect of the charge per ion on dispersion stability?
  What molecular weight polymer is necessary to provide steric stabilization?
  How do I make margarine more temperature stable?
  What are good surfactants for nano titania and tin oxide?
  Which are the best suspending agents? 
  How do I create Hydrocarbon foams?

•What kind of rheometer can be used to measure the yield point in flocculated dispersions?  

•How do I measure the stability of emulsions or dispersions with salt?

•What technique do you recommend for measuring zeta potential?

  Is high shear sufficient to deflocculate nanoparticles?
  What size-reduction equipment is used for aggregated nanoparticles?


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